Thursday, March 21, 2013

Mad Hatter Tea Party Invitations

DIY Tea Party Invitations

So I finally started on Charly's birthday party invitations. I am so excited for this theme. I think you will love it too!  As you will be able to infer from the invitations, we are having  a tea party!!!!!!  Yeah!  So here is how I made them, they were pretty easy to put together and really came out nice I think.  There are a couple steps, which I am not that into most of the time, but they were not very time consuming at all, which is what I fear most with multiple steps...

All you are going to need, is your favorite scrapbook paper, a print out of your information, a glue stick and some string.

Anyway, I started with these cut outs to make little books of sorts.

Here are the little information pages I printed out.  I got online and found a couple of images and sayings I liked and typed them up, printed and cut them out.  They fit perfectly on the pages.

I glued on the information pages, one to the front and one to the back.

Cut a few small squares then cut diagonal on the corners to make it look like the tea tabs on top of the bags.

I poked holes in the tops of the tabs and the actual invitations ...

And finally I tied a string to both pieces. See, now it looks like a tea bag. How stinkin' cute is that, right?!?

So, I suppose you can guess we are having a tea party of sorts but wait till you see the rest of the decorations! Oh I seriously can't wait!

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