Wednesday, August 22, 2012

DIY Stain Remover

Here is another staple in our home, stain remover.  This combo has save many a dress, several areas in the carpet, and too  many to count coffee, blueberry, wine or chocolate stained shirts.  (I have even seen it get hair dye out of carpet!  Hair Dye, are you serious?  Yep, hair dye!)

I love this stain remover, I make it up in a small squeeze bottle and just set it aside until it is needed.

Here it is:

Homemade Stain Remover

1/2 cup liquid dish soap of your liking
1/2 cup baking soda
1 cup hydrogen peroxide

I like to mark my bottle so I don't have to measure every time.

1.  Add the soap

2.  then the baking soda

3. Mix the soap and baking soda first...

4. Then add the hydrogen peroxide, 
less bubbles this way.

5.  Now stir gently and done!
Now wait...

wait until the next disaster that requires your undivided scrubbing attention and watch this super cleaner  in action.

Just spray it on, give it a few minutes, and wash away.

I will often pre-treat my cloths before throwing in the wash as well as pre-treating my carpet just before I shampoo.

****** WARNING:  Now please, make sure you test this in a discreet location of your home before spraying all over your carpet, I would hate to be the person who gave you the recipe that destroyed your carpets!  *******

I have not ever had a problem with this mix however hydrogen peroxide can have a mild bleaching effect on some colors.  I have light colored carpet with lots of different color flecks so if it has done that to my carpets it can only help me but beware with dark colored carpet.

And on that note, you really are going to LOVE this stain remover, it has never led me astray!

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