Saturday, December 22, 2012

DIY Crystal Wine Bottles

DIY Crystalized Up-cycled Wine Bottles

Yeah, yet another way to up-cycle wine bottles. How can you not love that?

These are so simple to make and look fabulous on the counter

All you are going to need is an empty wine bottle or 2, Epsom salt, and mod Podge (does anyone see a pattern here, do I do any craft without mod Podge, I think not...).

Anyway, so, first you need to paint the bottles with the mod Podge,

Sprinkle the Epsom salt on the sticky bottles,

And let them dry!

Ta-da, ta-da!

So cute. And they look great on the counter for my upcoming book club. I am going to have a hot chocolate bar. Isn't that fun? I am super excited about that. I will show you pics after I have it!

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