Thursday, June 27, 2013

We Lost Our First Tooth

Our First Lost Tooth!!!

It finally happened, poor Charly wanted it so badly all throughout kindergarten but it just didn't happen. Finally on the first day of summer vacation it just falls out!  And now, of course, there is a random tooth floating around my house that no one can find. I asked her if she thought she swallowed it and she answered, 'um, no, I don't feel it in my belly.'  Well ok, I guess that's good enough for me then. 

So we had to write the tooth fairy a note saying that we lost the tooth but then we really lost it. 

(Her note says dear tooth fairy, I was wondering what you do? Hen on the next page, I was wondering what you do with my one lost tooth?' )

Then she had to run and put it under her pillow immediately!  

And of course when she decided to sleep on the couch the it move everywhere her pillow went the rest of the day. 

Pretty stnkin' cute I thought. I was so excited for her this evening that after dinner we decided to celebrate and ride our bikes to Dairy Queen for treats. 

I wrote a little note for her from the tooth fairy and set aside a stack if quarters for her. I think she is going to love it.

Of course I had to put glitter on it, what fairy writes a note and doesn't have glitter, right?  

So I have her $2 worth of quarters, does that sound about right?  I am not really sure what the right amount would be. I heard a couple of kids in her class saying the tooth fairy led them $5 but that seemed like a lot to me. Maybe for their last tooth to go?  I don't really know. I guess I'll find out I the morning what she says. 

What do you guys think? 

Anyway, it was a very exciting first day if summer and we can wait to see what the rest has to bring! 

Happy summer vacation everyone!

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