Wednesday, September 25, 2013

DIY Magnetic Spice Rack

My DIY magnetic spice rack...

I am sooooo excited about this project.  I was getting tired of having all of my spices  tucked into my corner cupboard or into my tiny spice shelf.  And having them on the counter top was really not gong to work for me so this was my only option.

So here it is.  The best solution I could find.  The only thing is there was no way I was going to pay what they wanted for a pre-made one.  Even some of the containers to make one myself on amazon were slightly rediculous.  

So I decided I could make one myself.  Why not, right?

So I suppose we should just get started, right?!?!

All you are going to need is: 

an old metal cookie sheet (or a new one, whatever you like)
some small 4 oz canning jars
some rare earth magnets (the ones i used are pretty small, to do it over again I would have purchsed bigger ones.  These ones said they could hold up to 2lbs each but I still ended up needing 4 per jar.  I think if I would have purchased bigger ones I could have gotten away with only 2 per jar.  Just a side note)

Now take your favorite glue and start gluing magnets to lids...

fill your jars with spices of your liking.  (I went with the ones I use the most)...

label what it is on the bottom...

And done, super great, right?  

Oooohhhh, I can not even begin to tell you how fabulous it has been to have all the spices I use the most right there next to the stove.  No digging, no pulling everything out to find what I need, no cursing at the set up of my cupboards, (oh, you don't do that, well any way).  

As soon as you do this you are just going to love it.  I need to secure it a little better to the wall but that will come later.  As for now, it is one of the best things I have done for organizaion so far in my kitchen.  

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