Monday, January 27, 2014

More Activities With Kids

More kids activities… aka what to do with them all winter long

How about making painted foot prints.  My kids love doing this.  There is something extra special about getting to paint body parts and stick them on paper.  Now with this one make sure you are using washable paints, this little project will get messy.  But that is ok, throw them outside this summer, let them paint their entire bodies, then hose them off with the sprinkler before they come in.

Here you can see I just did a couple foot prints but by the end they were covered head to toe.

Now the real trick is to see if you can get them to make a nice foot print, they usually turn out like this one.  

Plus I like to keep a couple of these a year.  If you date them, it is fun for the kids to see the difference in their foot sizes on paper.  

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