Thursday, March 27, 2014

Marbled Paper - Activities With Kids (And Shaving Cream)

Indoor Activities with Kids - Marbled Paper

This was such a fun activity to do with the kids.  And I think it would be great for kids of all ages.  The little ones will have a blast getting messy and older kid-os will love creating something.  A great indoor activity for these cold winter months (or fall, or spring, whenever really).

Here is what you will need:
washable paint
shaving cream
a cutting board for each child
plain white paper

first spray a little shaving cream on the cutting board

let them spread it all around,

add in some color and let them swirl it a bit.

now pat a plain piece of paper on top.

spread it out, make sure it is touching the foam all over.

now peal it up.

now you can let it dry like that and it is like a science experiment or you can take a squeegee (or anything with a straight edge like a ruler) and scrape off the foam.

or let them do it.

and the color is left on the paper.  Now they can use the paper to create another picture!  Draw on top of the marbling or use the marbling as inspiration.  Like staring at the clouds.  Whatever sparks their imagination.

As you can see this can get a bit messy but the kids had a blast!

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