Monday, February 25, 2013

Fun at Fairmont Hot Springs

Fairmont Vacation

First, I have to say I am sorry for the incredible lack of posts the last week or two.  Our house has been crazy, a serious mad house, incredibly busy between my wokr schedule, my husbands work schedule, the kids being sick, and really I don't know what else happened because I lost track after all that.

The last few weeks have been brutal for my poor husband at work and he needed a break.  So we decided to go to the local hot springs.  It was about a 2 1/2 hour drive to get there but oh, so worth it!

The kids had an absolute blast!  We swam for 2 1/2 days straight.  Really that is all there is to do around there, there are a couple of small towns near by and we did go bowling on Saturday but aside from that, nothing but swimming.

Seriously, this is all we did, all weekend!


The kids had a blast, and it was a fabulous get away for us too.

They even had a little petting zoo.  Not much but a couple of goats, a few sheep and miniature horse.

The kids loved it, they got to feed the animals before we left and they where in heaven.

And then they slept!

Thanks for stopping by everyone, come back and visit us again soon,


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