Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Reusable Snack Bags

DIY Reusable Fabric Snack Bags

So, yesterday the kids had some friends over for a play date and their mother and I also got to have a craft date.  You can not believe how excited I was to have a friend to craft with!  

She had purchased some reusable snack bags with a nice liner but we decided that just a plain cotton one would work just as well if you are not going to put anything liquid or juicy in there, right?

So, here is what we did...

take a scrap of fabric and cut it down to about 7 1/2 in x 20 in

Place right sides together,

 and sew around 3 sides, 

leaving one end open to flip it right side out.  

fold over the open end twice and sew the hem shut.  

now fold the entire strip in half with the side you will want on the inside, out.  
(see, here I wanted purple to be on the inside, stripes out)

fold the hemmed edge under about 2 inches so you will have about a 2 inch flap up also

now sew around 3 edges, starting at the fold, up over the fold, around the top, and down the other long side.  This will give it a finished look as well close the sides.  

flip it right side out and DONE!

Ta-Da, don't you just love it?  We were super excited, I made several and Charly was excited to take it to school today too!  Pretty sure I will be making these for everyone.   

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