Thursday, October 9, 2014

DIY Detox Bath

DIY Detox Bath

Have you ever done a detox bath.  I'm not usually a bath kind of girl, I mean who has time for that, right?  But I have been specifically making time for this.  Trying once a week to take time to take a bath.  And not just any bath, a detox bath.  

I did some research because I wanted to know, what are the real benefit so a detox bath.  Here is a great sites to visit, it was very helpful.  And here's another.  Both give info about the same benefits, increasing your magnesium level, healing minor scrapes and bruises, aiding in pain relief from muscle soreness to migraine headaches, as well as regulating enzyme activity and balancing neurological functions.  

Any who, I have been trying to make time for this at least once a week, I have even been sticking the kids in a detox bath once a week-ish.

Here's the recipe I have been making and I really like it so far…

1/2 cup epsom salt
1/2 cup baking soda

then I like to add smellys…

2 drops helichrysum  (antiviral, cleaning wounds)
2 drops rosemary essential oil or live plant   (antioxidant, arthritis, headaches, clearing sinuses)
2 drops of white fir   (cleansing, muscle aches and fatigue)

And this is all per bath.   And a helpful hint, if you put the oils right in the bath water they will sit on top of the water but if you mix it in the epsom salt and baking soda first it will diffuse into the water.  Less harsh on the skin that way.  And I like to do that for the kids particularly because their skin is generally more sensitive than mine.

All three are know for their detox abilities.  There are may other oils that you could use but those are the ones I chose.

Sandalwood for instance is good for back pain, and meditation
ylang ylang for calming, high blood pressure, or stress
chamomile for allergies, insomnia, neuritis
myrr for skin allergies
lemon for anxiety, cleansing, heartburn and depression

Really I could go on and on and ON.  Anyway, that should get you started at least feeling great and cleansing the system too!

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