Thursday, December 6, 2012

Closet Organization!!!

We all know when it's time to clean out the closet; not because I have too many clothes but because some days I can't even walk in there. (Yes, it IS my dream closet....a walk-in, which I recently realized its downfall is its size, to easy to just throw stuff in and close the door!)

Anyway, we (the hubs and I) went thru and got rid if the clothes we weren't wearing an donate and then go thru and actually organize with a system. Hubs was done, by the way, within 5 minutes!

I organized by color, rather than by type of garmet. Before i was putting all the tanktops together, then short sleeve, then long, etc. Now everything is together based on color, in no particular order just all black, then brown, then green, etc.

Putting things away is now so easy! Maybe it's just that it's different that I like. It looks cool too.

I couldn't convince the hubs to do it tho, of course his would just go from black to....... Black. Haha, lol!

Thanks for visiting!!

 -lil' sis

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