Monday, December 3, 2012

Spiderweb treats

Spiderweb Pretzel Treats

Due to an obsession with Spider-Man, my three year old daughter requested these treats.

I made them originally for her birthday party and they were a huge hit!!

You will need:
Stick pretzels
White chocolate bark
M and M's

Lay out parchment paper, and align 6 pretzels out in a complete circle.

Melt your chocolate, and put in a ziplock bag with one of the tips cut off. (I tried a sandwich bag and they just can't take the heat.) Make circles on top of the pretzels, I just made a swirl so I didn't have to start and stop as much.

Last, before they dry, add an m&m,r right in the center for the bug.

They are so cute and taste great!

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