Thursday, December 13, 2012

DIY Scrap Fabric Owls

Scrap Fabric Owls

I was so excited to make these.  I LOVE getting rid of, using up, getting to use all those scraps I have been saving!

All I did was make an owl pattern (if you don't want to brave making your own im sure you can find one online to print off.)...

Cut out two pieces, one for a front and one for a back piece...

Start blanket stitching together, don't go all the way around, you are going to have to stuff it...

Stuff the owl with a small amount of pillow stuffing...

And finish your stitch!

Now for the eyes and beak I used felt but if you want you can even use some smaller scraps of fabric, but I will leave that up to you of course!

I layered the different colors of the eyes and sewed them together too with white thread to give it one more layer of color and texture.

And Ta-Da!  Aren't they so cute, and I love any project that uses scraps.  You could add a name and date and use them as tags on your gifts this year!  What!  You heard me.  LOVE IT!

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