Sunday, December 9, 2012

DIY Apple App Magnets

Apple App Magnets

You know, the ones you have on your iPhone, iPad, iPod, or whatever apple product you may have. There are a couple techies in my family and I am a little excited to give these out as stocking stuffers this year! Woot woot!

So, all you have to do is print these babies out on card stock...  Here is where I got the original idea and printables.  If you haven't ever checked out her site it is FABULOUS!  She is at Infarrantly Creative and I love her a little bit!

Glue them onto some old fridge magnets you Have lying around (you know, like the one from the front of the phone book, or last years calendar from the local clinic. Whatever you have).

Trim them down to the right size...

Throw some mod Podge dimensional magic on top and viola! Done-ski!

Now sand the edges to make them look nice and finished...

And done!

Seriously so excited to give these out!

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