Thursday, May 23, 2013

DIY Reusable 'Paper' Towels

Reusable 'Paper' Towels

I was so excited to make these. I have seen them on ETSY a couple times and, oh swoon...

I finally got my serger in good working order. (You know, the blade sharpened, the tensions set, the oil changed {it's an oil bath model}, and the whole thing just generally checked and lubed.) So now that it's back I have been fired up to start making stuff and this was the first thing I got a chance to do!

I made these the super easy way, with plain old serged edges but if you don't have one I will write the instructions for that at the end.

I made two different types of towels, a thicker one with tericloth on one side and cotton on the other. The second type of towel was doubled up flower sack fabric. (Do you ever use these, they are my absolute FAVORITE dish towels.)  So who wouldn't want them in multiple sizes?  No, just me, well that's ok too.

I had this tericloth sitting around, staring at me, begging me to do something.

And now comes the fun part, picking out a matching fabric to use.

Here's what I went with... cute, right!

Then I took the two pieces of fabric I wanted to use, placed them wrong sides together,

...and serged the edges. How simple right?!?

And for the flour sack ones, same idea.

Now, if you are in the same sad situation I was in about a year ago, serger-less, then you will want to put the right sides together, sew around the edges, leaving an opening to flip it...

Turn it right side out and sew around the edges one more time. This gives it a really nice, more professional, store bought look.

And done.

I used an actual paper towel to measure the size I wanted but truly you can make them any size you think will work for you. How super fantastic.

Now if I was really fancy I would out snaps on them so they would wrap around he towel rack but I didn't, I think I am going to keep them in a basket next to the sink for now. When I find a great way to kind of display them and keep them functional I will let you know!

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