Monday, May 27, 2013

DIY Soap Pump From a Mason Jar

Mason Jar Soap Pump

So I have seen these all over the Internet lately and have been just dying to make one!  I really love the old blue Ball jars but could not fathom cutting a hole in the lid of one for some reason. Just me I guess, I mean what else are you going to use it for, right?  But I just couldn't do it. So for now I just used a jar I had lying around but will at least put it in a blue jar with a regular lid at some point I'm sure. 

But here it is: How to make a mason jar pump soap dispenser. 

All you are going to need is:

One mason jar
An old pump (like from a lotion or other soap dispenser)
A glue gun
A screw driver
A hammer
(Or a drill press if you have one)

First poke a hole in your lid with the screw driver and hammer. 

Now pry back the metal until it is big enough to fit the bottom portion of your pump through.  (It's not pretty but it doesn't much matter. It will all be covered!) 

Hot glue the pump to the lid. 

And fill the jar with your favorite soap (or some you have made).

Done!  Aren't they so stinkin' cute!  I really live them. Hey may be Christmas presents this year. It's early enough that I will have time to stock up I think.  

How easy, right?  This is seriously about a 10 minute project. 

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