Wednesday, May 1, 2013

The circle skirt, altered!

Super Easy Circle Skirt - Altered

It's the same pattern but even easier, if that's possible.

We recently added a lower bar in the closet so the girls can reach their clothes that are hanging. The idea was to get them to pick out their own clothes, and to help with the dressing themselves. Little did I know pants and shirts became obsolete and fancy dresses and skirts are absolute!

So, me being the modern mom that I am, I roll with it. Why fight it? It was time to make some more skirts....

So here is a variation of the circle skirt. It's the same pattern idea but less cutting and measuring.

I used two fat quarters, measured the child's waist, and cut a hole in the center of the fabric. I actually folded the fabric into 4, then cut the folded corners. Then I laid them out with opposite ends and the hole matching in the center and I pinned it. See pics below.

I cut a piece of elastic and sewed it to the top and then hemmed the edges.

She can twirl and be in heaven...and dress herself!

Sew and enjoy!

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