Thursday, August 9, 2012

Bowling Ball Garden Bugs

DIY Garden Bugs...

I have seen these on pinterest a couple of times and thought they would be a super cute addition to my veggie garden!  

All you will need is: 

an old bowling ball
bailing wire
scraps of fabric
hot glue
cotton balls

Thats all.  And this whole project cost me Just $1!  Thats it!  The scraps of fabric I already had, I had bailing wire but you can use any old wire you have lying around your house (how about a couple of paperclips straightened out), hot glue, (please, like my house would ever be void of hot glue!), and the bowling ball I thrifted at the salvation army for, you guessed it $1!  SWEET!  (I may have picked up 3 bowling balls for that price... shhh... I don't have a problem.)

So first you will just want to paint you ball whatever color your base will be.  I used yellow spray paint because I chose to go with a bee first.

Paint your stripes.  I freehanded mine because I am not super picky about these things.  If it bothers you, feel free to use painters tape to make your lines a bit straighter.  I did clean them up a little after I painted them with just a wet washcloth.  This will take a few coats to get nice dark lines.

Now for this next part I just used whatever I had.  I decided that fabric would be just fine outside in the weather so I found some polkadot that I thought I could scrunch up into ball size and glue on the ends.  This is what I did with this one.

I used E-6000 glue for this bug but I found that with the lady bug hot glue worked better for me because it dried much faster and I didn't have to sew the fabric to keep it in place.  either way works great.  (as I have said before, I am a 'use what you have' kind of crafter, because really, you can't do it wrong, right?!?  It's whatever you LOVE!)

Place glue ont eh ends and put the wire and fabric together. 

I then placed the wire in the side by side holes on the bowling ball with glue on them and stuffed the holes with cotton balls to keep them in place as they dried.

No paint the eyes...  white first...

then black...

and when you are done with painting (and it has dried) seal with any sort of sealer, this is what I had.

And there it is.  Super cute, and the kids love them.

Ladybug, yeah!  looks like one of his antenna is twisted, oops, oh well.
See, you can make any bug you want.  I will be making a green one next I think.

Happy garden everyone,

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