Monday, August 13, 2012

DIY Cake Stand From A Thrift Store Find

DIY Cake Stand

This is one of the simplest projects I have seen out there.  I really wanted to make a cake stand out of old plates I had found at the thrift store.  So here is my tutorial.  :)

 Isn't it cute?  I just love it!

First I bought a few matching plates at the thrift store along with an old candle holder.  I spray painted the candle holder purple (because I thought the girls would like it).

Then all you need to do is glue it.  I wanted to make sure it would stay so I used E-6000 glue.  That stuff will bond forever!

A little glue around the edges and place the plates on top.

Let dry and Ta-Da!  LOVE it!

Happy crafting!

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