Tuesday, April 16, 2013

A day at the Museums

Explore Great Falls

So once a year the city offers a free pass to all the museums in town. They call it 'Explore Great Falls'.

The History Museum

For one day only you can choose any of the listed museums to visit for free.

The Railroad Museum

 If you visit at least 3 and answer the associated questions correctly you can turn in your sheet for a drawing.

Honestly I didn't know anything about it until a note came home from the school this week. But can I tell you what a great idea it is. I am so excited that the city outs things like this on.

The kids were a bit young for the first couple of museums we went to (the railroad museum and the MT History Museum) but the fact that they included the children's museum was fanamenal. The kids had an absolute blast.

And seriously, what a great idea to promote all the museums around toe and all the different things to do around your own town.  I loved it!

Not only does our childrens museum have play and discovery areas, but it has learning areas too, like all about the brain, or sea animals, you know, things like that.

My kids obviously LOVE the dress up area.

But the bank teller booth was a big hit too!

And then there was face painting... FREE face painting!  How much do you love it?  We couldn't get enough...

Does your town do anything like this? Have you ever gone to it?

And of course you cant skip the donation coin swirl thing, can you?  We never can.  I have to dig all the extra change out of my purse, then give the kids some money to get more change... you know how it goes, but for a day full of fun and excitement, it was a must.

I know that frequently I whine a bit about the lack of entertainment around here but really, if I would pay attentioni might see that the city puts on events, we just need to explore a bit more.

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