Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The Cousins Come To Visit

Visiting with family

Everytime my sister comes it is a big deal for the kids. Not only do they LOVE their aunty (Soph has been telling me for a month now that she is going to marry Aunt Annie) but they also get to play with the cousins. it is like a build in play date form morning 'till night. For a week straight! They have so much fun together.

We get to do everything from playing at the park,

to going on walks,

to dancing,

to sleeping together.

plus when the kids are entertained I get to visit with my favorite sister in all the world (well ok, she's my only sister but she is still my favorite!)

Anyway, is there any better thing than a visit from your siblings?

I think not!

Thanks for stopping by everyone, come back and visit us again soon,


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