Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Choosing Baby Names

Baby Names, My little "F's"

When the time came to pick a name for our soon-to-arrive baby, I wanted something that would be unique and beautiful; a name that would describe how amazing my own child would be. The thought of choosing a name was scary to me, because this was the name they would have for the rest of their life, it was so definite. My husband, always trying to make light of things, told me that she would be able to change her name later in life if she didn't like it. Thanks, honey, so helpful.

There are so many reference materials out there that can assist you in finding a baby name and, believe it or not, we did find our first daughters name in a book. My husband, always wanting a boy, had several boys name already chosen for his offspring, and was floored when we had the ultrasound and found out it was a girl. He came from a long line of "boys always born first," so just couldn't believe that HIS wife was giving him a girl, first. So he got a book, well, lets be honest, I bought him a book, and he scanned thru. Our last name is Thompson so he wanted a first name that started with T. No luck. Nothing jumped out. After long discussions, we decided that we wanted something unique. Something that you don't hear often but nothing made up (meaning no combination names). We looked at letters that are not as commom, F, G, Q even! Finally the name came to us. Jumped out of the page and slapped us in the face...

We chose Falon.

And I LOVE the name. Not only does it fit her, but there is not one other Falon in her preschool. I did meet a Falon at a job I had previously, and we were good friends, still friends on Facebook actually. Having a positive memory helped in deciding to choose this name for our child.

When baby names came up again for our second child, it was easy, we wanted another name that started with "F" and at that time Farrah Faucet had just died. Being an icon in my mind, and the hubs "didn't mind" her either, it was a great fit for us.

So now we have Falon and Farrah. My angels, darlings, lovely ladies as I call them. My husband calls them the little "F's." And well at ages 2 and 3, they kinda are. So curious and mischievous and amazing all at the same time. Being a mother is the most amazing thing I have ever done with my life. With every milestone, and advance in their growth I am surprised and bewildered by how these little people, not babies anymore, can possibly do this amazing thing. Starting with rolling over, walking, talking, potty training, following simple commands to riding a bike with no training wheels. It is so cool to watch them grow. There are days that I am not proud of, frustrating days, where I am more of a referee than a mother, or when the little one bites a new friend out of frustration. Those days are canceled out but triumphant strides in watching the girls wait for each other to get down the stairs, or when one kisses the others "boo-boo" and then follows with the proper "thank you" and "your welcome."

If you are a soon to be parent, congrats! Enjoy the roller-coaster of parenthood. Have fun and good luck, choosing the perfect name...

Lil' Sis Anne
P.S. Here is a pic of the pillows I made for Falon when she was born. I made similar ones for Farrah too, just a little later than I did for Falon.

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