Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Fire pit In The Backyard

Our Favorite Outside Family Activity

This is seriously one of our favorite pastimes! We really love spending time in the backyard hanging out by the firepit.

Do you have a firepit? We will roast hotdogs or marshmallows or make s'mores or whatever.

Really it is just a way for us to feel like we are camping without having to leave town. We are big campers, you know. And I it is too early to be up in the mountains we need to get our fix!

Does your family camp? Are you tent campers? (We would love to but. I'm just not that brave with the little ones.).

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  1. If you will need a Fire pit cover for this how you will arrange it.

  2. We haven't bothered to put a cover on this pit in particular but I think the generic ones you can buy at the store would fit quite nicely. This particular fire pit is ok for all types of weather. It is just a metal frame in the shape of a circle. There is nothing under it other than dirt. We have it safely placed in the middle of the yard to keep it a safe distance from both the house and the fence.