Monday, April 29, 2013

Painting The Roses Red

Alice in wonderland tea party games

This year I didn't get too fired up with planning games for the kids. In the past I have planned several and they are just not interested. They would rather just play outside.

So this year I decided to plan only one game (aside from decorating their own cupcakes shock was requested again this year.)

We decided to 'paint the roses red' !!!!!! How fun right?!? I was so excited about this one.

All we did was got some mini terracotta pots from the dollar store (they were 3 for a dollar),

and some white silk roses (also from the dollar store)

We hot glued the roses into the terracotta pots...

Filled with some red and pink paper grass I had lying around...

And done! Then I just had to make sure everyone had brushes and paint and I let the kids go to town.

They had so much fun decorating, plus it was a little something for he kids to take home!

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