Thursday, July 12, 2012

Fabric and Ribbon Pendant Tutorial

Fabric and Ribbon Decorative Pendant 

I know I posted about pendants before but I wanted to show you that you don't have to make them out of paper either.  You can make them with whatever medium you want.  Like this one for my entryway. Fabric and ribbon.  

So these are just as easy as the ones I made for the Tangled Party only they are fabric instead of paper.  Just Pick out your favorite fabric, cut into pendants, pick a coordinating ribbon and, viola!

Done!  So easy!

 See, I made them for the Wizard of Oz Party too!

And now they are chillin' in the entryway...  See!
So, just like before, all you have to do is grab your stapler, Pick your favorite ribbon, it doesn't have to be thin either. The ribbons I used for the Wizard of Oz party and for this one in the entry way are about 2 inch thick fabric ribbons.

Staple together and done.


However you want to make it, fabric, ribbon, paper


LOVE IT!  Change it for any season! Or every party!

Happy decorating!

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