Monday, July 23, 2012

Travel Art Case

Travel Art Case

I don't know about you but we do a lot, I mean a LOT of traveling.  My kids really road trip like champs.  Not that I can take ALL the blame for keeping them occupied, they do a pretty good job, plus the DVD player helps a TON!  But I try and keep things in the car to keep everyone happy too, like art supplies...

Here is how you can keep them in a nice concise package.  

use a DVD case!  Genius, right!  Not that I am the first one to think of this, I have seen it all over Pinterest.  But, here is what I did...

 All you need is an old DVD case...
And some cute paper.

Measure your paper with the original insert.  (do you ever wonder what happens to the DVD?  I do, seriously, where do they go, its like the lost socks of the house.)

 See, fits like a dream,
 Write whatever you would like to on the cover then slide it under the front plastic.

 Now it is time for the demolition of that circle piece in the middle.

I found that a pair of kitchen sheers worked great for cutting out the middle.

Now fill with your favorite art supplies!  We make our own crayons and I found that they fit perfectly in the case but I thought colored pencils would work just as well.

If you water to glue a couple of pockets in that would work great too.  I just ran out of time before we left.

Happy quiet time in the car!

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