Thursday, September 20, 2012

Dehydrated Peaches

Dehydrating Peaches... Yeah!

Again on my favorite subject, peaches. These are so easy to prepare and they last forever. Well, only until you eat them all. My mom would try sooo hard to keep them through the winter but alas, I don't think they ever made it past November. They are like crack for me, my vice, the one thing I can't live without. Seriously, they are that good!

So, without further ado...

How to Dehydrate Peaches

All you will need is:
Lemon juice

So, if you want you can blanch them but I don't find it necessary. But it is all up to you.

Now, to make your life easier make sure to buy 'freestone'. These are the type of peaches they don't stick to the pits. They ripen a little late in the season and there is tons of information out there about what variety is freestone or if you are lucky enough to live near an orchard they are always more than happy to fill you in on varieties.

FYI: this year we got 'Summer Lady' peaches. And they are fabulous. I could fill volumes on the different varieties I prefer but I won't bore you.

So, cut you peaches in half, remove the pit, and slice. I used a mandolin but it is not necessary. You don't want them too thin or they will stick to the trays in the dehydrator.

As you are slicing them place them in a 10:1 solution of water to lemon juice. Or approximately. You know how I hate to measure.

After they have been through a dip in the lemon water place them on your dehydrating trays and done.

Now just wait. Timing will depend on your particular dehydrator. Mine is about 6 hours for 6 trays.

Done! Woot woot...

Happy dehydrating,

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