Friday, September 28, 2012

Charly's 1st Camera

Charly's New Love

Apparently it's genetic. Charly has been dying to take pictures lately so we decided to give her my old one. It is a pretty simple point and shoot camera. We thought she would really love it. So daddy wrapped it up, made her close her eyes, and hold out her hands.
 Now close your eyes, are they closed?

 Hold out your hands...

Dont open them yet... 

Ok, you can open them! 

 Here you go baby, your very own camera!

 Here daddy is showing her how to work it. 

She was so stinkin' excited!

She has been taking picture of everything. And I do mean everything! She loves taking pictures of her sparkle boots, and her favorite movies, her sister doing ANYTHING.

That is mostly what I find, boots, movies and doodle, some of her eyes, at an odd angle of course.

However, some of her pictures have been really great. It is funny how adults will do the strangest things in front of a child. Things, funny faces, weird poses. Like this one of me, don't worry, I wont incriminate anyone else.

It has been really great to see some of the pics she has gotten. Her memory card was full after just 2 days. I couldn't believe it. She is loving being a mini photographer! And I am so excited for her to be loving taking pictures with me.

Hope your littles ones love doing the things you do too!

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