Thursday, September 27, 2012

DIY Travel Snack Containers

Travel Snack Containers

As we were about to leave the house for my parents house one day I was packing for the long trip and I wanted fun containers for the kids to have their snacks in. I found some leftover crystal lite containers and thought they would be perfect. I liked that they had a lid and were easy enough that the kids could do it in the back seat by themselves.

So, I also wanted to give you an idea of how I craft at home.  Some people like the sanctuary of a great craft room (which I have by the way) but I prefer to wait until the kids go to bed and craft like this.
Thats right, sacked out in front of the TV with my feet kicked up on the ottoman listening to the tube.  This is my happy place, hopefully I don't need a flat surface to do my crafting for the night.

I just thought I would share that with you.  I knew you would be interested.


Here is how I made the Travel Snack Bins:

All I did was pick out some cute paper.

Peeled off the plastic wrap.

Measure my paper,

Paint mod podge on the outside,

Paste paper on it

And mod podge over the top.

Now just let dry and done.

The kids lived having cute smak containers in the backseat and I didn't have to mess with it since I was driving alone. Made my life way easier!

Any old plastic container will do but I liked this size because I could fit a nice amount of cereal in it or even some breakfast bars because they are tall enough! {sweet}

Happy travels all,

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