Monday, September 10, 2012

Spiderman Birthday Party Invites

Girls Spiderman Party Invites!

Long time no talk, sorry about that folks!

My oldest daughter will be turning 3 in October and has requested a Spiderman party. Last year we did Spongebob, which at least has SOME gender neutrality but hey, I go with what she wants, especially when it comes to brithday parties. It is all about her on that day, right?!

So, I went to work researching. Of course Pineterest provided me with plenty of samples to find an idea and a base to start. We have lots of family out of town, so I like to get the invites out to them early.

I found some colored paper in my scrapbooking supplies, blue and red of course.  Then I came across the good stuff, haloween paper, black with spiderwebs! Yes! I get a little excited when I dont have to pack the kids up and drag them to Joann, or Michaels. Sorry about that.

So I just started cutting and arranging, thinking about card sizes, and mailing sizes. I took the 8x10 paper and cut it into 4 then took the 12x12 "web" paper and cut it into 9 pieces, and it fit pretty good. then I just had to "girly" it up, more for myself really, so I added the glitter around the edges. Then Falon found the jewles and I thought, why not. Of course, then we only had so many, so not all of the invites have "pretties" on them.

In the end I thought they came out pretty good. Stay tuned for more fun. Cake, decorations, and more!

-Lil' Sis

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