Friday, November 9, 2012

In a fog

I don't know if you guys ever feel like this but I have been in a fog lately. Usually I can keep track of schedules and assignments and due dates like no bodies business but the last couple weeks I have been in a serious way. I feel like I can't focus, my internal schedule is a jumble, and I just feel like I never know what I need to be doing at any given moment.

Now, don't get me wrong, I have a scheduler that I keep everything written down in but even that hasn't been helping me lately.

So this has spurred on a new week of organization! I am currently working on my kitchen/ home office, I am organizing my blog (got a scheduler so I can keep everything in one place), and would like to tackle the toy room next.

Now that will surly be a big job but I really think I can handle it. It is supposed to be super cold this weekend so I think it will be the perfect time to do it. No need to go outside, no reason to do anything other than organize!

It's gonna happen, I am super pumped about it! I have baskets and things in there from my last attempt to organize the toy room but it still looks cluttered to me.

So, sorry posts were thin this week, I just couldn't get myself together for some reason. But get excited for next week, we are doing some organizing!

Woot, Woot!