Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Our Daily 'Thankful For' Ritual

I am Thankful For...

So, we are not deeply religious people.  I would be happier to say that we are but I am afraid to say we are not.  Neither of our kids are baptized, neither have even ever stepped foot into a church, really.  But we do have a daily 'what are you thankful for' ritual.  

Everyday before dinner instead of traditional grace, we go around the table and say 2 or 3 things we are  each thankful for.  

(Yes, this is a giant Charly eye, it's what I get for letting her play with my phone for extended periods of time! But I love it, it's what is staring at me every time my phone locks.)

Charly is frequently thankful for things that were fun at school and recently has begun adding her sister to the list.  If we are lucky, daddy and I make the list every other week or so.

Soph, everyday, is thankful for her swimming pool.  Always the swimming pool, at the top of the list, in warm weather or cold, rain or snow, for the last 18 months or so.  Then there is school, crafts, sissy, and sometimes mom and dad.  

And the hubby and I are generally thankful for the family, having good days with the kids, you know, the usual.  

I really like this tradition, it has gotten the kids to think about things that make them happy, things that they are glad happened, and it usually opens them up to start talking about things that have happened at school.  All the good things, and bad.  

Usually when we walk home from school the only answer I get when I ask her about her day is 'I don't want to tell you right now'.  So this really helps get her to open up.  

Have a great week everyone, maybe you can implement this into your routine.  I know, daily is a bit time consuming but even once a week I think you will be amazed at how many new stories you get to hear.  

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