Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Wine Cork Tree Ornaments

Cork Ornaments - In the Shape of Trees!

So, like I said before, I have tons of corks.  And I wanted something fun to do with them.  I decided to make ornaments out of them to place on top of gifts for the family this year.  

Not a bad use I thought.    So here is what you will need:

- corks
- hot glue
- a star of some sort (I found this confetti in the basement)
- ribbon (one wide and one thin to make a bow)

Now start gluing your corks together in a pyramid.  I liked to keep the corks all the same way, with the holes from popping the cork on one side and the stained on the other but it is all up to you.  I did also use the plastic corks, but I didn't really mix them with the real ones.  Really just personal preference.  Do what makes you happy!

 Here is where you will start adding your wider ribbon.  Stick it in between your bottom corks and start wrapping it around.  As you wrap it around place a little bit of hot glue in the crevices of the corks so the ribbon follows the contour of your trees.

Here's a side view too.

Now glue your star on top...

 Make a bow with your thinner ribbon and glue those on too.  And done!

 Ta-da, ta-da!  That's right, it got two ta-da's today because I think they will look especially cute as decoration on top of presents then on the tree for years to come.

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