Monday, November 12, 2012

Kitchen/ Home Office Reorganization

Office Organization

So I don't know about you guys, but I have this terrible habit of coming home and placing, piling, throwing all my stuff on the table and counter in the kitchen. I know it is a bad habit but I haven't been able to break it. The computer is in the kitchen and that is also where the kids come home, empty their backpacks and do their homework. So you can imagine the disaster it is, like ALL the time! Even when I pick up there always seems to be a pile on the table and one next to the computer. Awful, and I was tired of it! So I finally went and bought some baskets and things to organize this space. Now, don't get me wrong, there will always be a pile but now I have a place for it and it won't be spread out all over my countertops. Woot woot!

(I thought I took some before pictures but apparently I was too excited to get started)

So I bought a wall three tier organizer, grabbed an old clip board, my chalkboard paint and went to work. Also, I wanted a place to charge my phone and kindle without having cords all over the place so I had to do some brainstorming too!

Here is what I did, I screwed the three tier organizer to the wall, this way each girl and the hubby and I each have an 'in box'. You know, a place where homework and notes and stuff can go. In mine and my husbands bin is the checkbook register, receipts that need to be taken out and mail. Nice right!?!

Painted the clip board with the chalkboard paint and screwed it to the wall,

Grabbed my pile and placed it in this letter box,

And finally I took the mail organizer, emptied the drawers, drilled holes in the back and thread my chargers through.

And the reveal....

Isn't that so much better. I am sooooooo much happier in this space. It is not a huge change but it makes me feel like things have a place.  And when things have a place I feel at peace with the world...  or something like that.  But seriously, I just feel better when things have a place, even if they are not in it, as they usually are not in my world, I know I can put them where they belong at some point.  Not just in a stack on the table.  It makes more sense to me when I am cleaning to know where to put things.  Ok, so maybe I'm weird but it makes me feel better anyway.

I know it will get cluttered again but now I have a plan.


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  1. I have one of those envelope dividers but never thought to put it on the wall! Love it!

    1. Thanks Yelle! I'm glad, there wasn't really holes in the back but it is just mesh so the screws had no problem going through. I really like it on the wall, Less things sitting on the counter!