Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Toy Room Reorganization and a Christmas Tradition

Toy Room Makeover and our Christmas Toy Tradition...

Ok, now to tackle the toy room.  This was another on the to-do list and I am super excited to have it done!  It took some convincing on my part to get started but once I did I was glad.

So here are my before pics.  We had just moved this bed into the kids toy room / guest room.  We always had a bed in there but as you can see, this bed is ginormous!  We finally upgraded to a king size bed as a queen was just nor big enough for our family of four plus 2 dogs.  THe kids don't sleep with us but inevitably one, if not both of them, sneak in in the middle of the night.

Anyway, I just felt crowded in there and, quite frankly, for the kids that is fine but I thought my family might feel uncomfortable in there.  Plus I didn't want them to fight with the tulle canopy over the bed.  Although the kids like it, it may be a bit much for adult company.

So I went to work...

I first started moving things around, pulling out old toys, and generally reorganizing what I already had.  I didn't want to buy more furniture for that room so I had to make due with what was there.

I already had all those baskets on the shelves for different groups of toys, and although they don't stay that way after the kids have been in there unattended for a month, it makes me feel better to know they do have a place.

It was right about this time I started to get scared.  Started thinking, oh lord, what have I started. But I persevered...

See, when I organize, it is a hot mess until I am done apparently.  I just like to pull everything out and start over, apparently!

By the way, I left the kids to fend for themselves for a couple hours and when I came out to check on them at one point this is where I found my eldest.  She said she was reading.  Then here sister said 'your not supposed to find her!' and slammed the door, then there were tears, and yelling, and hitting, and I had to break it up.  And then they were friends again...  aaah, the inner workings of sisters.

And now..... dun da na na....

I moved the toy box into the closet and filled it with all their dress up cloths (yes, it is full, I think it may be their favorite game at home).

I moved the shelves together, took down the tulle canopy and turned it into a makeshift curtain for the shelves.  I know you can see through them but I still think it would be better to look at when your lying in bed than a pile of toys.  I also wanted to hang them from a curtain rod but I didn't have one lying around so I just tacked the curtains to the ceiling.




I will leave it open for the kids to play in most of the time but at least now I have the option to close it if I want.

I love it and I am so glad I talked myself into it.

Christmas Toy Tradition

This was also a good opportunity for me to weed out the old toys that they don't play with anymore as well as have the kids pick out 2 toys each that they would like to donate to less fortunate children this holiday season.  We have done this for the past 4 years and I really like giving the kids the opportunity to help someone in need this time of year.  There were some tears this year but our incentive has always been that if you don't have any toys you would like to give away, there will be less toys Santa will bring you on Christmas.  It seems to get them in the spirit as well as clears some room in to toy room for after the holiday.

They have been too young to go somewhere to donate with me in the past (I have laways just gone to the local thrift store), but this year I would really like to take them with me to show them that their toys are going to a good cause.  Does anyone have any ideas on where I can go that will take used toys and the kids can see who is getting them?

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