Sunday, November 17, 2013

Activities With Kids

Toilet Paper Roll Flowers with Decorated Vase 

So can I start out by saying I have the best babysitter EVER!!!!!  Every time I have her come over she has a new craft for the kids to do!  Then she texts me pics of what they're doing and how much fun their having!!!!  Quite frankly I can't say enough about her, but for the purposes of this post, here is one of the crafts that she came up with for the girls to do while I was at work one night...

Aren't they soooo cute?  And the kids loved making them, they were so proud of them, we had to use them as a centerpiece for about a month.

So all you are going to need is:
-a few toilet paper rolls
-colored tissue paper
-bamboo skewers
-an empty can
-paper and markers

cut slits all around each end of the toilet paper rolls, and stuff full of tissue paper

Tape a piece of paper around the can...

And let them go to town decorating!

My kids are crafters at heart (I don't know where they get that… it's weird) so this kept them entertained for like and hour.  A fabulous activity for the kid do's.  They are going to love it!  

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