Monday, November 4, 2013

DIY Herbal Sleep aid

Insomniac?  We can fix that...

This is one of my very favorite things to make for my family. Whether you believe these things help in the long run or not, this particular blend of scents is one of my favorite, and it's a wonderful thing to fall asleep to.

I always keep it on hand... always!

All you are going to need is a few scents, a couple scraps of fabric, and a carrier oil (but only of you want to keep some in the cupboard for future use).  I like fractionated coconut oil (coconut oil in liquid form) but really any oil will work well, olive oil, almond oil, whatever you like.  Otherwise all you need is a couple scraps of fabric and some essential oils.

The scents you will need are:

and chamomile

(If you cant find all of these lavender and chamomile are the main scents for sleep)

put a few drops of each scent of oil on the fabric scraps

see, they are pretty saturated...

and place the piece of fabric under the fitted sheet on the bed!

I put it on each bed in the house!  Under each pillow even!

I keep it in a bottle with one of the carrier oils I mentioned above in the cupboard.

I keep it labeled with what it's for and what oils are in it for quick access.

Seriously, one of the greatest blends you will come across.  Again, even if you can't find all of the scents, the lavender and chamomile are the ones that will help aid in sleep the most, the other two are just great in combination (both are citrus).  

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