Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Fabric Tape

DIY Fabric Tape

So, I am not going to lie, I have totally gotten into the Washi Tape craze.  But I love that you can make your own!  I have bought a few different washi tapes at a couple local stores.  I have not ordered any online yet, though I don't know why, and there are not very many places in town that sell it but, whatever...

I did, however, purchase some double sided tape online and made some fabric tape.  I am so excited!

I love using my old fabric scraps for this too.  It makes me happy using the scraps.  As I have said before, I really hate wasting stuff so when I can use scraps that maybe someone else would throw away it really takes me to my happy place.  I know, you can judge, it doesn't take much usually.

So really, all you have to do is wrap your fabric scraps around the double sticky tape and cut it down.  I have cut it with regular fabric scissors as well as pinking sheers.  I think both look pretty cute.  And now I have tons more tape to decorate with!

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