Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Charly and Her Reading

Phonemic Help

So we got the dreaded letter home from school the other day.  The one that said that she wasn't doing well in reading.  The one that said she needs extra help.  

Don't get me wrong, I want her to have all the help she needs and I gladly signed the paper and sent it back with her.  But it is always difficult to hear that your baby is not doing as well as the others in her class.  

So I went in and spoke with her teacher, who is fabulous by the way, and got the skinny on exactly what we should be focusing on at home.  Then I started my research online.  

I found so many awesome things from kindergarden teachers and home schooling parents and just plain great people and I am soooooo excited to share some of the things I made with you!  I, you see, am in no capacity tuned into what a kindergardener needs as far as help with schooling and such.  I tried, Lord knows I tried but it was just not working for me.

So... I have decided to dedicate this week to preschool and kindergarden learning games week!  YEAH!!  I guess I had better get to work!

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