Thursday, January 31, 2013

DIY Air Fresheners

Super Easy, 2 Minute, Fun Air Fresheners

These have got to be one of the easiest DIY's ever.  There is something about living in a house with dogs.  I love having them around but the air gets a bit musty.  Especially when they are in a closed room for a while, like the kids bed room as they like to sleep with the kids.  All well and good with me but when I open the door in the morning, seriously, that space needs some help!  

So I have seen these online here and there and decided to give them a try.  

All you are going to need is a small mason jar, baking soda, and your favorite scent.  

Fill your jar with baking soda (have you noticed the amount of baking soda I use in this house?)  

Now mix in a few drops of your favorite scent.  (I went with something wintery, just 'cuz.)

Cut a piece of some fun craft paper to fit inside the lid and punch a few holes in it.  

Screw on the top and place it wherever needs freshening.  I put one in the kids room and one in the toy room.  (both need help from time to time!)  

The scent will make the room smell great and the baking soda will absorb nasty smells in the room just like it does in your fridge.

Love it!

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