Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Practicing Sight Words

Practice With Sight Words

So, in the English language there are several words that simply can not be sounded out. It's the little words mainly. The ones that you simply have to memorize.  Unfortunately Charly has had a hard time with this as you can see here.

So, in order to facilitate that memorization I posted a sight word board. Every week we will post 2 words here and we will work on them everyday.

Everyday before she leads for school and when she comes home and before bed we will review them again. This has seemed to work really well for her the past couple weeks.

I don't drill it into her, I don't harp on her, just a quick review when we walk by. Less than 2 minutes, heck probably less than a minute. And it has done wonders for her. She gets 2 words down pat in a week. Then I have been leaving them up and just adding 2 more word the next week, now we have 4 words everyday. Again, I am really hoping to build that confidence for her.

That's about it for today. I'll have another game tomorrow.

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