Wednesday, January 16, 2013

DIY Twine Picture Frame

Easy DIY Twine Wrapped Picture Frame

Ok, side note, what the crap! its Wednesday already!  I really dont even know where the time goes around here.  Just sayin'...

Here is another easy DIY gift hat you can whip up Inez's than an 30 minutes. Well, more I guess if you want to paint it but that is just for drying time but really, to put it together will take you less than 30 minutes!

All you are going to need is an old picture frame, some twine, and some cloths pins, scraps of fabric and mod Podge.

First, if you want, paint your picture frame and set aside to let it dry.

Now cut your scraps to fit the tops of your cloths pins and mod Podge on.

When your picture frame is dry wrap tightly around the outside of the frame.

And clip your cloths pins on the twine.

Ta-da! A cute picture frame to give as gifts to the grandparents! Now clip on a couple pics and its ready to gift.

I was loving homemade gifts this year. I think the family felt the same!

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