Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The Easiest 3 Minute, $3, No Sew Boot Socks Ever...

Boot Socks, fast, easy, and CHEAP!

I'm not kidding, these may be the easiest boot socks ever.  They will only cost about $3, too!  I know, you are excited, I was too, I made several pairs, I mean, you have to have one to go with every boot and outfit, right?  

All you are going to need is an old sweater and some scissors.  

Super easy, you are telling yourself, I know.  

If you have an old sweater that you don't mind cutting then this will be a free project for you but if you are like me and just cleared out your closet then you may need to hit the local thrift store to find one.  

I hit the thrift store and scored a few cute sweaters that at only $3 a pop I didn't mind cutting up and using for scrap.  (Plus I still have the actual body of the sweater to use for other crafts.)

All you have to do is buy a sweater, cut off about half the arm

and slip it on!  (I use pinking sheers to make sure they don't unravel but I don't think it is really necessary.)  

Ta-Da!  (I know, these are my winter boots, not as cute as some of my others but still way cuter with the socks!)

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