Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Martin Luther King Day

Happy Martim Luther King Day everyone!

As you all may know, the kids didn't have school today so what better way to share your day off than to spend the day at the ski hill? I am in no way a skier. I tried, Lord how I tried. I took lessons, I rented equipment, I went heck humming it would be better after a few times. But it is just not in my nature. Maybe I will try another time, after the kids learn and I'm older, wiser, and hopefully wound a little less tight. I just stressed myself out I think, I couldn't relax and just have fun.

Anyway, enough about my lack of skiing. Now my time at the ski hill is spent shuttling children in and out if the lodge and standing at the bottom of the hill taking pictures. Which, I can't say enough, I truly love, Love, LOVE! Watching my husband teach the kids and getting pics of them learning is truly a great for me. It is difficult for the hubs to understand but it is fun for me so he accepts it!

However, they are getting good enough that I think my time taking pics at the bottom of the hill is drawing to a close. They will be riding the chair and going on their own in a couple years.

This is Charly's third year skiing but she is not going to take the chair unless she has to. She is perfectly happy riding the little magic carpet thing all day everyday. This is sophs second year skiing and although she is pretty young I think next year she wil be off. She gets a little nervous now but in a few more trips up to the hill I think she will think she is invincible.

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