Thursday, January 17, 2013


New Year, New Goals!

I have made a couple of resolutions this year, all of which have to do with keeping the house running smoothly. As I posted the end of last year, I felt like my house was taking control of us, and I want it to be more simple.

My first resolution was one I started about 2 weeks before the new year. It was to keep up better on the house cleaning. Whew, seriously, what a challenge for me. I really hate house cleaning and have put it by the way side and only done what is necessary for so long I was in desperate need of help! So I did what any house mom would do, I went in seek of the master, the zen house keeping, decorating, cooking master, Martha! Oh that's right, you heard me, Martha...

I have not always been a huge Martha fan, but as of late I have to say, I am beginning to turn into one. She has these printables for organizing your house and printables for keeping up on the house work that I have found extremely useful.

All I did was print them off,

laminate them (or you could just put them in protective sleeves),

and throw them in a binder.  Now I have a list of things to do everyday to help keep up on the house.

( I always keep a few binders around the house, just in case, you know.  I pick them up for cheep after school starts.)

I cant tell you how helpful they have been.  Not that you don't know what needs to be done around your house but for me it helps to have a list to look at, a room to focus on everyday, and a list.  I don't know if you are like me but I really love, love, LOVE having lists.  I feel like I really got something done when I can check off three or four things a day.  It makes me happy.  (It's the little things I tell ya!)

Now I have a cleaning binder that I get out everyday, see what is on the schedule for the day, and now that the house is caught up (it was quite a bit of work to get it there at first), it is truly just a few minutes a day.

Soon I will share with you my next resolution for this year.  I want to save money and time around the dinner hour.

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