Thursday, January 10, 2013

Matching Letter Game...

My DIY Letters Matching Game

So the first thing I made to help Charly with her letters was a matching game.

By this point he knows all her letters, upper and lower case, but I thought it would be good to really strengthen that base, that core knowledge. Plus it gives her a better confidence about letters and, hopefully, about reading as well.

All you will need is a package of decorative glass decorations, mod Podge, and letters, capital and lower cases.

Now mod Podge the back flat side of the glass,

Place a letter on there and mod Podge over again.

Now let it dry. Just have to wait... Lame, I know!

And let her play. Make a million games of it. You can practice sounds and make words to sound out and practice your site words (to be posted about tomorrow) and on and on and on...

I really think your little one will live this game and so will you!

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