Sunday, May 6, 2012

Super Simple Blanket

So all of the fabric that I buy is from the remnant pile.  All of it.  Always.  I buy it without knowing what it will be used for or how long it will sit in my basement but knowing that it will someday come in handy. Because I like to be prepared.  Yep, thats what were going with.  Don't question, we are moving on now.

So my youngest found this fabric that she just fell in love with.  She started carrying it all around the house calling it her 'cakes lovey'.  It was just a piece of fabric, but she loved it, even slept with it.  I thought, I can make a super fast, super easy blanket out of that for her.

So here's what I did:

I found an old receiving blanket that I had.
I bought it at the second hand store ages ago and it had been sitting in my craft room waiting for the perfect project.

I don't know if you are the same, but we have sooooooo many blankets still leftover from the girls baby showers.  They are such a great gift but in the end you seem to end up with a lot of extra.

anyway, back to the blanket.

I took an old receiving blanket, and laid it face down and put the 'cakes lovey' and layer it on top face up.  you with me so far, wrong sides together.  (thats right, you don't even have to flip this one.)

I chose the receiving blanket because it already has finish edges.  And if you know me, you know that hemming is my nemesis.  Seriously!

The cakes lovey was not as wide as the receiving blanket but it was a bit longer so I had to trim about 3 inches off the bottom.  (sorry, I know, different fabric but I forgot with the first one.  And your know I have two girls so I had to make two anyway.)

Once there was about an even edge around the entire blanket I started pinning.

FYI:  I also hate pinning but not nearly as much a hemming.  Just a little tidbit about me...

Now see, the edges don't have to be even all the way around, make it fit but make it even on parallel sides.

  And sew together.


Super easy, right!

Love it, and so do the kids.  Just a light fun blankie that they got to pick out the fabric design for and they can take it anywhere.  And it didn't take more than 30 minutes.

so thats it.  Do you have as many receiving blankets around the house as we still do, after 5 years?

Just wondering,


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