Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Tangled Party - The Festivities (games and such)

Here is the rest of the party info... The games, the kids, the fun, you know, all that stuff.

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 Here is the birthday girl getting ready for the party with her Auntie (lil' Sis)
She loves her Auntie sooooooooooooo much! 

Our first activity was painting and coloring while we waited for all of the guests to arrive.  The kids loved it.  They did such a wonderful job sharing the brushes and colors.

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 Next we did 'Pin the Pan on Flynn"  A cute take on the old game.  The kids got a kick out of being blindfolded and sticking stuff to my walls!

Afterward each kid-o got to pick a small prize from the bucket.  I had all sorts of random things, bugs, key chains, notebooks, sticky-streatchy-rubber things.
 Then we did the Piníata.  Oh, the kids had such fun with that.  We had never done one at our house before but my girls had tried them at other parties so they knew the basic principal.  And we just had to use a frying pan, right?!? 
Everyone got a chance...

Even the littlest ones...

 Until it was finally payday!

 Next we decorated braided "hair" (yarn braids).

I was a little unsure about this project for all the kids, my kids love to craft and will sit for a long time quietly with me but I was unsure if other children liked crafting as much as mine.  But it turns out everyone wanted to do it, even spiderman!

I put clips in each braid so they could wear it after decorating with silk flowers and jewels.

Next was Happy birthday and cake and ice cream. 

Can I just share that I was not the most popular with all the moms, between the snacks, the cake and ice cream and the candy from the piníata they may have wanted to leave their children.  

Thats ok, I can take it!

And finally, the safest part of the party, time for everyone to leave, here was their take home
Chalk, because she colored with chalk in the town
water colors, because remember she was a painter
and a pinwheel, because I like them. 

Finally, after most of the guests left, we got to open presents.  

Whew!! What a day, the kids had sooooo much fun and I really love watching them.  
I think it turned out to be a great success!  

I think I need a nap!


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