Sunday, May 27, 2012

A 'Tangled in Fun' Birthday Party... The Preparations

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 Sophia just had her 3rd birthday party.  She wanted we did a Tangled birthday party.  Ok, maybe I helped her choose a party theme.  I am fairly certain this is the last year I will be able to 'help her' choose a theme.   Hey, she was excited.  And I think it turned out pretty cute.

As I was making my list of what I wanted to do for this party I absolutely had to try this cake tower.  There were several that I found on the internet but none that were actually all cupcakes.  I had to try.  

 Aside from the cake tower we had...
purple chocolate covered biscotti, 

chocolate covered rice crispy treats,
cupcakes, ice cream, lemonade, and candy.

In preparation we made ...
yarn lanterns, a wanted Flynn Rider piniata, tulle poofs, made yarn braids, and hung the sunshine banners.  (I found the sunshine banners, wanted poster and frying pan cutouts here.)

to make the yarn lanterns we...

made a slurry of water and flour.  About  a 2:1 ratio.  

wrapped the yarn around some old balloons.  I just did it around the middle of the balloons because I felt like it would make them look more like the lanterns in the movie but I saw them all over the internet with different shapes.  Some got long skinny balloons and wrapped the yarn around them, others just wrapped it around the entire balloon an drake a sort of ball shape.  Any of them will work just fine.  


To make the piniata all I did was tape the Flynn Rider wanted poster on the front of a cereal box.  I then filled it with candy and hung it from the ceiling.  Super easy!

  We also had 'Pin the Frying pan on Flynn' game.  

Again, this was super easy, all I did was print the wanted poster, print the frying pans, cut them out, and done.  

The sun banners are just paper, ribbon and, staples.  Yep, you heard me, staples.  The link above will take you to the web site to print your banners.  

I think that is the majority of the preparations.  I will post about the actual party and games and such tomorrow.


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