Thursday, May 3, 2012

A Wizard of Oz Party

Last month Charly turned 5 and a Wizard of Oz party was requested.


I didn't even know you knew about the Wizard of Oz!?!?!

Oh my!  I didn't even know where to begin.  So I started researching.  Google was my friend for seriously, a couple weeks straight.  I was looking at pictures, jotting down ideas, printing cute pics to pin around the room.  And finally, after what seemed like a MILLION web sites, I got it all together.  So I thought I would share with you all the things we did.

I started here, with the invitations.  First I just cut a piece of card stock in half, glued a piece of gingham fabric to it, printed off the invitations I typed up.  (I found the dorothy silhouette online), and finally added the glitter to Dorothy's shoes.

Then, when it was time to hand them out, I stapled a ziploc to it with a "yellow brick road rice crispy" to it.  
I saw one party that the kids had to earn their badges for the party games and I LOVED that idea!  So I made my own badges for the kids to earn.  (Go here to see it.)

I made these heart necklaces with:

hearts torn off of Valentines garland
Mod Podge
bottle caps 
glitter and 

I made these 'diplomas' for all the kids with their 'Doctorate of Thinkology' then I took some of the girls rings and glued these pictures on the tops to hold the diplomas with.  (I just printed the pictures from the internet.  Thank you google images!)


And finally I made these badges of courage with: 

card stock 
ribbon and I glued 
york peppermint patties to the back.  

First I must say, Sorry, I didn't get any pics (apparently) pre party.  I don't really know what happened.  So these are all post party and present opening.  Whatever... 
I hung google images on the walls to set the scene 

I hung tulle poofs from the lights and ceiling

I attempted to make a hot air balloon with a hanging basket (as pictured in the first pic of the dining room) but I was really not too impressed with it.  I wanted it to look like this.  I tried about 4 times, the balloons kept popping, the ribbon would not stay in place and it was about 1 am I said, 'whatever I have is ok'  

I printed off letter that said HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHARLY and strung them on ribbon for the banner in the back.  

The pendant banner is white and blue fabric strung on ribbon (I stapled it) clever right!  You can't even tell, right?  I didn't have time to sew it and I wanted something that I could take apart if I needed the supplies for something else so I thought staples would be perfect and, Dun dun na naaaaa, they worked famously!  

And finally for snacks we had:

Add caption

Haunted Apples

Heart Sandwiches

Ruby Red Strawberries

Yellow Brick Road Rice Crispies

Over the Rainbow Jello.  I got the recipe here.  

Rainbow Lemonade (so I had made some rock candy with the girls earlier and had soooooooooo much sugar water left over that I didn't know what to do with it... until party day and I had a stroke of genius!  (I get really excited about those!)

And rainbow cupcakes! Although I see I did not get a good picture of them.  I made my regular cake batter then split it into 6 batches.  I added a different color to each.  I then put a scoop of each color into each cupcake liner one at a time.  

The kids got to decorate their own as they walked in.  I had the frosting ready for them to put on but if they didn't want to do the frosting there were a couple pre frosted, then the sprinkles were out for them to go to town with.

I had so much fun planning this party this party for my big girl.   

I made this Dorothy apron for her also.  I just made an open in the back circle skirt, added the belt with ties in the back, a square piece of fabric for the top of the apron with a tie around the neck.  It turned out so cute.  I was really happy with it, and this way it will grow with her and she can play dress up with it without needing my help to get in and out of it.  Yeah!

Everyone got ruby red lipstick with red glitter

Sister SophieCousin Falon

 The kids had to deliver a bouquet of flowers to the neighbor in order to earn their heart necklaces

There was an obstacle course to go through to earn their badges of courage

And in order to earn their diplomas they had to answer a Wizard of Oz related question.  However it was such a nice day outside and we didn't want to waste it that we really just let them play and have fun.  

Although I did not get a good picture of it there was yellow brick road that led from the front porch to the table with the goodies and treat bags

Speaking of goodies and treat bags.  Each kiddo got a basket with a rainbow lollipop, a rice crispy treat, a rainbow crayon (homemade), a tattoo (because all kids love tattoos), a small jar of Auntie Em's Jam, and the girls got dorothy glitter flip flops with button flowers on top.

And I think I have covered it all.  If you want to see all the sites I used to get ideas and information of to my Pinterest 'party ideas' board and they are all pinned there.  

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